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South Coast Business Alliance Continues Support of YMCA Program for Childcare

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South Coast Business Alliance Continues Support of YMCA Program for Childcare

Last year the YMCA’s Kathleen Treglia, Executive Director of Education, reached out to the group with a request for donation in any amount to help fund their afterschool and daycare program.  The program provides daycare to children across the south coast based on a sliding scale for lower income families who otherwise would not be able to work and look after their children. The YMCA offers full-day care as well as an after school landing place for children whose parents, like most of us, are still working when their children are let out of school.

On our visit to the Y in New Bedford, we learned two very important facts. First, that approximately 80% of the children who attend the YMCA care program are on some form of subsidy  to help alleviate the cost of childcare and not be counterintuitive to the efforts of lower income families working to put food on the table. Second, that many of the children in care are living in conditions where the only meals they receive are provided by school and the YMCA. Upon learning this second fact, the YMCA partnered with the Gomes School in New Bedford to ensure that kids don’t spend an entire weekend feeling hungry while waiting for their next meal on a Monday morning at school. The YMCA provides a backpack for students who qualify with two breakfasts and two lunches to help sustain them throughout the weekend.

This year, when asked if we’d be able to match our donation of $2,000.00 from last year, it was a no brainer.   The YMCA, among other organizations which help enrich the lives of the South Coast youth, are where most of the support from the SCBA go. Our mission is to help at risk youth, from Star Kids, to Junior Achievement, the Boys & Girls Club and beyond. We understand the importance of giving kids growing up at a disadvantage the chance to change their circumstance. We also know just how great an investment in our community’s future this is.

If you’ve attended one of the SCBA’s signature events such as the Cinco de Mayo Golf Classic or Oktoberfest in New Bedford, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  It is the community’s continued support of our annual fundraisers that allow us to be champions for kids across the South Coast.